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Water Heater Leak Protection

Any water seepage, whether it is from the soil or not, will have the same destructive effect on your finished basement, and this is why we offer water heater leak protection. Mr. Basement has simple solutions for the 2 most popular domestic water leaks, which we see on a regular basis.

Water Heaters Leaking

The first is hot water heaters leaking. The typical life of a water heater is 7 years, and when they stop working, they often leak and flood the basement. Our ring will hold water seepage and empty it to the waterproofing system when the water heater spills.

Plumbing Leak

The 2nd common plumbing leak is washing machine hoses which could flood your basement even if the washer is on the top floors. These hoses aren't designed to stand up to the 50 or 60 pounds per square inch of water pressure like our solid plumbing system is. There's a valve to shut the water pressure off when the washer isn't in use, but very few individuals use them on a regular basis. Eventually, these types of inexpensive hoses will drip, or blow-out entirely. Mr. Basement's special hoses are the solution. The hoses are created to take the pressure, and won't blow-out, wear away, or rust at the end connections.

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