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Commercial Mold Prevention Removal

Mold in MD Basement

Anabec’s commercial mold prevention and removal system is a special protective system that both destroys and removes mold, mildew, algae, bacteria, and the protein-based biofilms where they live.

By denaturing the protein structure of these microorganisms, it takes away the natural material that exists on keyboards, calculator keypads, telephones, and most other surfaces that come into regular human contact, taking away the food and home of microorganisms.

It’s more effective and safer than other products, such as bleach, which is unable to treat high counts and severe strains of mold and bacteria.

Basement Mold


Anabec® continues to work even after application, putting up a protective shield against basement mold that can last for years!

Fighting mold, mildew, algae and bacteria for over a decade!

Anabec is a safe, non-toxic product that can be used on almost any building material, including carpeting, wood, fabric, brick, block, concrete, ceiling tile, insulation, flooring and many others.

Founded in 1993 in Buffalo, NY, Anabec® has provided protection to colleges, schools, food plants, industries, medical facilities, residential areas and office buildings.

Anabec was the system of choice for three buildings at Ground Zero in NYC and is currently a popular and effective choice for many areas of devastation from hurricane damage. Our products are easy to install, available in both clear and translucent colors, and come with a written warranty for quality.

Mr. Basement is the best choice for commercial mold prevention and removal in Baltimore Maryland. Receive a FREE quote!

Mold Prevention

Mr. Basement offers a waterproof coating process that has been tested and proven as a mold prevention product for basements. Specially formulated to coat any type of masonry or concrete, it eliminates mold in your basement and increases the quality of your basement environment.

As the most effective mold-resisting water barrier anywhere, it makes the areas it’s applied to mold-resisting and increases the value of your MD home.

Listed here are a few of the features of our mold prevention products, Mr. Basement Epoxy, for commercial use:

  • EPA regulated
  • Superior mold & mildew resistant
  • Peeling and blistering resistant
  • Washable/Scrub-Friendly surface cleans easily with soap and water
  • Water-based, low-odor acrylic
  • Contains a quick-drying formula that allows projects to be finished in one day
  • Easy application