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Crawl Space Drainage

Inside a dirt crawl space, a plumbing-related leak will drip into the dirt permanently (since you’ll never see it), keeping the dirt moist and the humidity way up, and this is why you need proper crawl space drainage. Whenever a WhiteCap® system is set up, a plumbing-related leak might fill your crawl space just like a pool. Sump systems, such as Dual Pump Pack, feature airtight lids with airtight floor drains which drain water from the the surface of the WhiteCap® liner in case of a plumbing leak inside your crawl space.

If you don’t have groundwater leaks, you won’t have to have a sump system in your crawl space along with your WhiteCap® system. Even so, you still have to provide for plumbing-related leakages. This can be done using a Dual Pump Pack system.

Encapsulated Crawl Space

Mr. Basement Sump Pump For Wet Crawl Spaces

A Dual Pump Pack crawl space sump pump is a battery backed up unit which gets set up in your crawl space together with the WhiteCap® liner. It includes an alarm as well as an airtight floor drain within the lid. In case of a plumbing leak, the alarm sounds, notifying you to the problem, and the water empties out into the soil beneath the WhiteCap® until you get the drip repaired.

This sump pump has excellent water flow capacity and is offered as an exclusive product for homeowners in Baltimore, Silver Spring, Gaithersburg, Columbia, Rockville, and in other nearby areas. Mr. Basement - Basement Waterproofing & Crawl Space Experts in Baltimore, MD. Our drains offer peace of mind, a transferable lifetime warranty, and more.