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Basement Finishing and Remodeling

Basement Finishing Before Basement Finishing After

From damp, unusable space to your favorite place!

Basement Finishing is an excellent way to add useable living space to your home and even add additional value. The experts at Mr Basement offer a free consultation to inspect the basement and discuss the ideas you have in mind. We are ready to transform that damp and dark basement into an extra bedroom, playroom, game room, home theatre, office or even the ultimate fan cave.

There are three main areas of focus in a basement remodel or finishing project; the floor, ceiling and the walls. Mr Basement uses inorganic products that designed specifically for the basement environment and resist elements such as mold and moisture. We have been in plenty of finished basements that have wood rot, smelly and moldy carpet and discolored ceiling tiles so we don’t want you to make those same mistakes.

On top of having a dry and mold free living space, your basement will also be more energy efficient. With our patented Magic Wall system, we can save homeowners up to 33 percent or more on heating and cooling costs due the R-16 wall insulation.

During our initial inspection process and consultation, we will ensure that your basement is already dry, free of mold and structurally sound.