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Foundation Repair

Foundation & Structural Repair Service Contractor | Professional | Mr Basement of Maryland

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Foundation & Structural Repair Service Contractor | Professional | Mr Basement of Maryland
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Mr. Basement offers foundation repair services in the Baltimore, Annapolis, Laurel, Hyattsville, and Silver Spring area. If your home has wall cracks, foundation settlement, bowed walls, or any other type of structural problem, you will need to get it taken care of ASAP. We have been taking care of residential and commercial foundation damage in MD for many years now and we guarantee we have the right repair solution to take care of whatever problem your home may be experiencing. We have wall anchors, and wall crack repair products which will leave your home structurally sound for many years to come. Your home is likely your biggest investment, so be sure to take good care of it by having your foundation problems dealt with as soon as you notice that something is wrong. If you fail to take care of your foundation problems, it could lead to even more expensive repairs or a wet basement as a result of leaky wall cracks.

Foundation Wall Cracks

A second foundation repair service we offer is for foundation wall cracks. Foundation wall cracks happen very commonly to homes all around Baltimore and our service area in Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia, Rockville, Bowie, Laurel, and in other nearby towns. The Reinforcer™ is the preferred repair solution. It is a carbon fiber strip system that is extremely effective in dealing with wall crack repairs.

Bowed Basement Walls

The third type of foundation repair we offer is a method to fix bowed basement walls which are sometimes called buckling walls. A leaning foundation wall can be repaired or stabilized using The Force™ Bracket. This a resistance based steel I beam system. It forces continual pressure onto any bowed wall and will not only stabilize a wall, it will also push it back into a level or straight position over time due to the spring system.

The Force Wall Stabilizer

The Force™ Bracket - is used to stabilize and repair bowed foundation walls. The technology is unlike any of the old repair solutions. The system utilizes an I-beam with a spring loaded torsion load providing 1000 pounds of constant pressure that works to put a bowed wall back into place, and to keep it in place permanently. The Force™ Bracket is a patented system, and in MD we have the exclusive dealership so you won't find it offered from any other basement repair firm in MD or in your local home improvement warehouse. The system is very economical and usually can be installed in a day or two.


The Reinforcer

The Reinforcer - is used on cracked foundation walls. It's is a very high tech product used to build all types of modern machines that require great strength and have flexibility. The carbon fiber strips are as thin as a coin but have 10x the strength of steel. Carbon fiber strips used to repair a foundation wall won't decay ever. You can paint over the strips. The Reinforcer™ is a much more effective and cost efficient way to repair a cracking foundation than some of the older methods. The installation process is very clean and only takes a day or less in most cases.