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The Force™ Bracket Wall Stabilizer

Mr Basement Waterproofing Foundation Repair in Baltimore MD, DC, northern VA

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Mr Basement Waterproofing Foundation Repair in Baltimore MD, DC, northern VA
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The Force™ Bracket is a patented wall stabilizer that is used to bring bowing or buckling foundation walls back into place. This system works off of an I-beam system combined with a spring loaded torsion mechanism that applies thousands of pounds of continuous pressure and automatically adjusts itself as the foundation wall that is bowed corrects its position. There is no better product on the market for correcting a foundation wall that is failing.

The Force Bracket Installed By Mr. Basement


At Mr. Basement, we are 100% committed to finding the best products for any foundation failure. With The Force™ Bracket, we have found a reliable solution to bowed or buckling foundation walls. Exterior pressure and time cause walls to move and with The Force™ Bracket, we have a permanent fix. On the market today are a variety of options for basement wall repair. There are wall anchors, I-beams, carbon fiber strips and helical anchors. In order to best determine what repair method is best for your particular situation, we offer a free inspection by certified and well trained foundation experts on our staff. After careful analysis, we'll make our recommendation for the type of foundation repair you will find satisfactory.

Foundation Repair in Greater Baltimore. Our reliable basement waterproofing system, Reinforcer and Force Brackets, and 20-mil WhiteCap crawl space liner will take care of all your basement, crawl space, and foundation needs.


The Force Bracket Preventing A Bowed Basement Wall

The Force™ Bracket System offers foundation wall repair benefits including:

  • A patented repair method not offered by others
  • A spring loaded pressure system that is dynamic and self adjusting
  • A permanent solution that will stay in place
  • A system that works very well in all types of soil conditions
  • Affordable solution to bowing walls
  • A written warranty on workmanship and materials

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