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Mold Prevention and Removal

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Mold in your basement is a problem that requires attention. Mold can be harmful or harmless depending on the type of mold you have and where it is growing. A basement or crawl space is not the environment to leave mold growing. We have a few different products that will both kill mold and prevent mold growth. Our mold mitigation includes the use of an epoxy wall coating with a mold inhibitor. Getting the basement or crawl space dry and moisture free is a big step towards ridding the spaces of mold.

Mr. Basement offers home mold prevention in MDincluding Baltimore, Silver Spring, and Washingon,. Contact us today for a free estimate on our mold prevention and removal services.

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Anabec™ is a microbial barrier product that is designed for application on building surfaces, including wood fibers, brick, block, and unfinished drywall to name a few. Utilizing nano-technology, the Anabec™ product allows active ingredients in its patented formula to penetrate a material's surface and resist moisture, mold, and mildew growth. Mr. Basement has used this product to clean up and prevent mold and moisture issues associated to wet crawl spaces and leaky basements.


Epoxy Wall Coating

Mr. Basement Epoxy - Mr. Basement epoxy wall coating product contains a mold inhibitor, and when applied properly to a foundation wall, it will provide a strong, beautiful finish. The coating provides superior mold and mildew resistance. It is designed to not peel or blister and can be washed or scrubbed. With its tough epoxy formulation, this is a fast drying wall coating. In most cases, it can be applied in just a single day. The product comes in two standard color choices - white or grey.