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Waterproofing Products & Services

Mr. Basement has basement waterproofing & crawl space experts in Maryland. Our repair products are top notch, including our sump pumps, along with our reliable interior and exterior waterproofing services. You can rely on us to recommend and install permanent basement waterproofing systems. If you are looking for an honest basement repair contractor who will do the job properly the first time, then you can count on us. We are members of the Better Business Bureau™, Angie's List™ and several industry groups whose mission it is to find and fulfill waterproofing best practices.

Waterproofing System Installed

When you select any contractor, keep in mind that it is really important to spend some time checking out their business reputation. Check out their BBB grade. Be sure to take the time to call references in your area. We are happy to provide you references, or you can watch the video testimonials we have from our past customers. There is no basement waterproofing company in Maryland with our level of experience. Most of our certified waterproofing installers have an average of 10 years of experience. All of our installation crews are direct employees of our company. We don't use day labor or have sub contractors like many of our competitors. When we waterproof a basement, we know the homeowner can feel secure knowing they hired a proven and experienced contractor. See our service area map and then give us a call or schedule an appointment online. Stop living with a wet basement and start to begin the process of getting a dry basement. Whether you just want to keep water out of a basement or crawl space or plan on finishing your basement, we can help.

NoWater System® Waterproofing System Illustration

NoWater System® is a result of over 30 years of experience, testing, and dedication to finding the best methods of waterproofing basements. Not one waterproofing system can match the effectiveness, guarantee, and long term reliability of the patented NoWater System®. Learn the difference our engineered system offers. Call the professionals at Mr. Basement and learn why we use this proven system and no other. The NoWater System®, it gives you a dry basement.


The Dual Pump Pack Sump Pump

Dual Pump Pack - The Dual Pump Pack sump pump system is the most critical component of the NoWater System™. You can rest assured knowing that when the next big rain storm comes, you will have a sump pump system that is the most reliable of any pump available. Our unique and patented system ensures the water flows into the sump pit and the powerful pumps move that water out quickly, away from your home and valuables. Our multiple pump design with a backup alarm warning alert ensures your basement will stay dry and free of water or flooding. We offer a great warranty on system components.


The Santa Fe Dehumidifier

Santa Fe Dehumidifier™ - So many basements smell musty because the air quality is awful. With moisture comes mold, mildew, and a variety of problems that allow the bad air to permeate into the upper floor air that your entire family is breathing. A quality dehumidification system can alleviate bad air quality and make the entire home smell fresh and clean. Our dehumidifier is top of the line and can remove moisture from the air at an incredible rate. Don't settle for a builder grade dehumidifier that won't really have the capacity to do the job properly. Get yourself a dehumidification system that deters mold growth and keeps your home air free of allergens, musty smells, and any damp or muggy feelings.


Intelli-Pump Battery Backup Sump Pump

Intelli-Pump Battery Backup Sump Pump - A lot of homeowners don't realize the importance of having a battery backup sump pump in place inside their basement. They come in handy whenever the primary basement sump malfunctions or if the power goes out and electricity isn't running to the sump. When does the power usually go out? You guessed it - during storms! You don't want to have a non-functioning sump pump in your basement during a heavy rain storm. It could spell disaster for your furniture, electronics, or anything you have stored in your basement. However, with our battery backup sump in place, you will never have to waking up or coming home to a flooded basement ever again. This sump pump is automatically activated whenever the first one fails. There aren't any buttons or switches for you to flip on or over. This means that your basement will be protected 100% of the time.


Freeze Relief Sump Pump Discharge Line Protection

The No. 1 cause of basement flooding in the winter is blocked or frozen discharge lines. As temperatures drop, water freezes and turns to ice. Combine that with the plows that push snow against your discharge line at the street, and the water being pumped out of your basement has no way to exit. The result is a flooded basement. The pain of losing precious belongings from flooding, along with the expensive cleanup, causes undo stress on the homeowner. But don’t worry, Mr. Basement has a solution called the Freeze Relief.