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Santa Fe Dehumidifier

Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifiers


Dehumidification is the process of removing water from the air. By doing so, you allow the air you breathe to become purified. Using an inferior dehumidifier will only partially clean the air. At Mr. Basement, we only offer professional grade products. The model we carry for the basement is called the Santa Fe™. You'll find other waterproofing companies who also carry this product under another label and at a much higher price. When it comes to air quality, you must have a system that can truly work in the most extreme set of conditions. You will not find a better system than the Santa Fe™ dehumidifier. The system can cover up to 2,500 square feet and is used primarily in basements. You can rid your home of damp and musty odors by keeping the relative humidity below 50%.

Dehumidification is the solution and Mr. Basement has the right prescription.

Santa Fe Compact Dehumidifiers


The solution to high humidity in your basement is the installation of a quality dehumidifier. The Santa Fe™ is our product of choice. The models we carry are professional grade and these systems are built to not only handle the toughest of temperature extremes but they are easy on energy usage. At Mr. Basement, we offer the right type of dehumidifier for each situation. From basements to crawl spaces, we can match the environment to your need. This ensures you have the right type of system.

Santa Fe Line Of Dehumidifiers


The Santa Fe™ upright model, is an energy-efficient basement dehumidifier. It is mainly created for basements or other large spaces covering as much as 2,500 square feet. This unit is the industry's best dehumidifier which is used for dehumidifying a basement.

System benefits include:

  • 109 pints per day capacity, AHAM test conditions (80F. 60%)
  • Built-in defrost system - designed to operate down to 40F; will not freeze in basement conditions.
  • Controlled by a dehumidistat with digital settings and a variable setting range from "26%" to "90%".
  • Plugs into a standard 15 amp, 115 volt outlet via 10 ft power cord
  • Direct gravity drain hose to floor drain, NoWater System™, or our Dual Pump Pack sump pump system. A drain hose can be extended using 1/2 inch pvc pipe.
  • The unit contains a blower switch that permits continuous blower operation with or without dehumidification to allow for continuous air flow.

Mr. Basement has a full line of sump pump systems available to homeowners in Maryland. We offer sump pump system installation in MD by certified waterproofers.

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